ICDL Perform Advanced Presentation Functions (PowerPoint Advanced)

In this comprehensive 3-day ‘ICDL Perform Advanced Presentation


Functions (PowerPoint Advanced)’ course, you will first be guided to


customize your slide deck with your organization’s brand elements and


utilize Slide Master features to enhance your productivity while preparing


your slide deck.


Next, you will learn features to enhance the look and feel of selected


graphics and how to use SmartArt objects and chart elements to give your


data a professional look and feel, and insert multimedia objects to make


your presentation more engaging. Finally, you will be guided on how you


can convert your slides into handouts or notes for your audience’s



Course Objectives

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Use advanced presentation functions to manage a presentation file

  • Manage objects and multimedia to enhance presentation

  • Use advanced presentation functions to enhance productivity and set up presentation slide show